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Large amount of USDT transferred out of OKX exchange
3293216 USDT were transferred OKX out of exchange, which is worth about $3.31 million.
Telegram to allow no-sim accounts via anon-blockchain-numbers
Telegram has increased its security features by enabling support from anonymous blockchain-based numbers that go for around $16.Messaging app Telegram has rolled out a new update enabling users to create accounts using blockchain-based anonymous numbers, as opposed to cell phone numbers.Telegram already hides people’s private phone numbers from non-added users on the app, however, users will now be able to hide numbers from everyone, which is likely to please people who value privacy-focused features.
US Senate Banking Committee to Subpoena SBF If He Doesn't Appear at Hearing
The US Senate Banking Committee requested SBF to appear at a hearing scheduled for December 14th to discuss the collapse of FTX. If SBF refuses to appear, he will be subpoenaed.Sherrod Brown, chairman of the committee, wrote a letter to SBF, which said, "as the founder and CEO of FTX Trading Ltd. at the time of its collapse and the founder, principal owner, and former CEO of Alameda Research, you must answer for the failure of both entities that was caused, at least in part, by the clear misuse of client funds and wiped out billions of dollars owed to over a million creditors.
Chairwoman of US House Financial Services Committee Requests SBF to Testify on December 13th
Maxine Waters, chairwoman of the US House Financial Services Committee, clarified on Twitter that the report saying she's not willing to subpoena SBF is a lie.She tweeted, "lies are circulating on CNBC that I am not willing to subpoena SBF. He has been requested to testify at the December 13th hearing.
Immutable X Partners with MoonPay to Launch NFT Checkout Feature, Allows Buying NFTs with Credit or Debit Cards
Immutable X announced the launch of NFT Checkout, a feature developed in partnership with payment company MoonPay to allow users to mint and buy NFTs using a credit or debit card.When minting or buying NFTs on Immutable X, users can now log into their wallets and select "pay with card".
Cross-chain Interoperability Network Axelar Integrates with Arbitrum
Cross-chain interoperability network Axelar announced it has integrated with Arbitrum. Users can now transfer assets from other chains connected to Axelar to Arbitrum via Satellite, Axelar's cross-chain transfer application.
Bitcoin․com Completes $VERSE $50 Million Token Pre-Sale
Bitcoin․com completes $VERSE $50 million token pre-sale, which represents 16% of the total token supply, with strategic buyers including Digital Strategies, Blockchain.com, Kucoin Ventures and others.Bitcoin.com also announced the launch of $VERSE trading on its decentralized exchange, the Verse DEX, starting at 00:30 UTC on Dec 8.
Helio Protocol in Negotiation with $HAY Exploiter
Stablecoin protocol Helio said on Twitter that it's currently in negotiation with the $HAY exploiter for a potential deal. More information will be published once a settlement has been reached.In addition, Helio is in the process of integrating with $ankrBNB, Ankr's new $BNB liquid staking token that will be launched soon.
Crypto lender Genesis has no solution yet for withdrawal halts
Genesis said it will take additional weeks to carve out a recovery path for its lending business.Crypto lending platform Genesis has informed its customers that its withdrawal freeze is likely to last “additional weeks” amid efforts to stave off a potential bankruptcy filing.In a Dec. 7 letter to its customers shared by Genesis to Cointelegraph, interim CEO Derar Islim — who took the temporary helm of the company in August — said it will be weeks for them to formulate a recovery plan that could see withdrawals reopened, stating:
Class action against Kim K, Mayweather over EMAX dismissed… for now
A federal judge in California has dismissed a class action lawsuit against reality TV star Kim Kardashian, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and the founders of EthereumMax, explaining that the submissions failed to meet the “heightened pleading standards” for fraud claims.The judge has, however, left room for the plaintiffs to refile the proposed class action lawsuit if certain provisions are amended.